Oak Grove High School: Home of the Warriors and some very unusual pets

Ms. Donohue holding a baby alligator.

Photo Courtesy of Anna Simmons

Ms. Donohue holding a baby alligator.

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Oak Grove High School has a large number of student and faculty members, and these students and teachers all have very different personalities and pets. However, some have rather unusual pets.

This includes Will Ruff, who owns Leo, a leopard gecko. “Leo is a great companion,” said Ruff, “he’s like one of my best friends.” Another student, Landon Hawk, owns “Tank,” an Asian four scorpion. “I got the idea from my step dad,” said Hawk,”I’ve had tank for two years…he’s always been really interesting to me as a conversation piece and the best thing to do is the watch him go after his prey.”

Arguabley, of the most well-known people in the realm unusual pets at OGHS is the Zoology teacher, Ms. Alana Donohue. She owns eight different pets, and five of them live at the high school, including: a sand boa snake (Pancake), a speckled king snake (Podi), a pink toe tarantula (Fluffy), and two veiled chameleon (Junior and Sephora). In fact, over the Thanksgiving break, Pancake got out of his terrarium and his whereabouts remained unknown until Thursday, when he was discovered in Mrs. Dabbs’s closet.

Also Ms. Donohue’s son, Will, also owns a green cheek conure bird, Lui, which lives at home with them.”Lui is the most unusual pet that I’ve had because I’m not used to an animal arguing back with me. It’s like having a two year old again,” said Ms. Donohue, “I say ‘no’ he says ‘yes’. If I fuss at Will, Lui turns around and fusses at me, being protective over Will.” Donohue continues, “I’m very grateful to be working in a environment where I am tolerated, so that the kids can experience what’s here in Mississippi and outside of Mississippi.”

If a student at Oak Grove High School would like to meet many unusual pets, they are advised to join Ms. Donohue’s Zoology class. It’s an amazing class to learn about animals on a personal level.