National Honor Society is bringing holiday cheer: Buy a candy gram before the end of the year!


Photo Courtesy of Delish

Candy canes will be attached to personalized notes and delivered by National Honor Society members.

Oak Grove National Honor Society is bringing the Christmas spirit to the halls of Oak Grove High School this holiday season. Candy Cane grams are a special treat that can be purchased for friends and/or teachers.

To purchase one, simply stop by the table set up outside up outside of the cafeteria during power hour. Unique tags can be found at the table that should be filled out to be attached to the candy cane(s). This meaningful note and treat come at the small price of two candy canes for $1. The candy grams will be delivered during the last week before students are released for Christmas break. 

In the past years, the money collected from candy gram sales has been used to purchase gifts for an Angel Tree child, but last year, NHS used the fundraiser’s profit to help an orphaned senior who could not afford his or her senior dues.

All NHS members will be selling candy cane grams beginning on Monday, December 4, lasting through Friday, December 15.