(Photo Courtesy of vimeo.com)

Photo Courtesy of vimeo.com

Should a world without net neutrality prevail?

December 14, 2017

Every morning, when I wake up, one of the first things I do is check my social media apps and chat with friends. It helps to wake me up before my day gets started. But, imagine a world where all of this free communication was taken away. This is called “net neutrality:” our right to continue viewing and communicating over the internet while contacting whoever we want, when we want.

If net neutrality were taken away, would we still exist in a country that practices freedom of speech? Our First Amendment states there should be no law that restrains a citizen’s freedom of speech.  However, if phone companies can filter what I see on my phone, or  my connection speed, why should I choose them? Eventually, when citizens figure out the system, a single company will not have these restraints and everyone will flood to them, instantly making that phone supplier and it’s employers wealthy.

See, taking away net neutrality is taking away a portion of a citizen’s freedom. It is important to continue giving the entire population of North America the freedom that was paid for by many lives throughout history. Currently, the issue is small compared to other events taking place in the nation, but could turn into a quite large issue, especially if citizens are not pleased with their freedoms.

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