19 year old mother-to-be accidentally shot by father


Photo Courtesy of WLBT

Rankin County Sheriff Office bring the victim's car in for investigation

An unnamed, 19 year old, pregnant woman was accidentally shot in the back by her father in Rankin County. The Rankin County Police Department received an emergency call just after 11:00 a.m. reporting that the woman had been shot in the back by her father’s hunting rifle. It is said that the woman came to pick up her father after he had been hunting. She then arrived and as the father was putting his rifle in the backseat of the truck, the rifle accidentally went off and passed through the driver’s seat and struck the woman in the back.

The call was made by the father, who said he was in the driver seat driving his daughter to the nearest hospital. Once arriving at the hospital, doctors immediately began surgery on the woman. Unfortunately, the 4-month old baby did not survive the shooting, and the woman is now in intensive care.

There are no criminal charges at the moment, but the situation is still under investigation by the Rankin County Police Department.