Keg and Barrel is opening a new location in West Hattiesburg


Photo Courtesy of John Neal

A prediction of what the West Hattiesburg Keg and Barrel will look like.

A second Keg and Barrel is opening near the Target shopping center in West Hattiesburg. The owner of the restaurant, John Neal, created a Facebook post on January 31 saying the new Keg and Barrel will open in the fall of 2018.

Neal’s two partners in the Keg and Barrel West location, Diana Pennington Hembree and Jim Thompson, have been involved in the restaurant business for many years. Hembree has been managing the downtown Keg and Barrel location for 8 years. Thompson has many years of experience with restaurants and has been communicating with Keg and Barrel for the past 6 months. Neal stated in his Facebook post, “Diana, Jim, and I are very excited about this new endeavor and we look forward to bringing Keg and Barrel to the West side of town.”

Keg and Barrel will be hosting their 6th ever chili and gumbo cook off on February 3, 2018. Teams shall be no less than two and no more than four people per team. Teams can enter the competition by visiting their website. The competition will be held in the back yard of the downtown Keg and Barrel.