Zachary Fielder Signs to William Carey


Photo Courtesy of Zachary Fielder

Zachary Fielder signing with William Carey University.

Zachary Fielder, a senior at Oak Grove High School, signed to William Carey University to compete on the Track and Field team and the Men’s Cross Country team. This fall, Fielder will join William Carey University and be coached by Ryan Mckenize, a former coach at Oak Grove High School. Zachary Fielder joined Cross Country and Track and Field teams at Oak Grove High School during his freshman year. Zachary has gone both knee and shoulder injuries, but they have not stopped him. He has won many competitions, broke a state record, and became a state champion at the state track meet.

Fielder expressed his excitement about his commitment, saying, ” I was really pumped to finally make it official that I would be apart of the William Carey Track and Field and Cross Country Teams.” He continued, “I’ve always wanted to take sports to the next level, ever since I was little.” Zachary says that it was “pretty awesome” signing to William Carey University.

While Zachary attends William Carey, he plans to purse a degree in ministry and in communications. In light of this new phase in his life, Fielder said, “I plan on giving it everything I have on the track and in school!”