Photo Courtesy of Joe Raedle/ Getty Images

Florida students protesting after the recent school shooting.

Should teachers be armed in schools?

February 22, 2018

Students should not have to fear for their safety at school, but with the frequent school shootings across the US students are forced to question the security in the classroom. With each school shooting comes more solutions to prevent these mass casualties. In a recent discussion with Trump, he suggested arming teachers as a way to stop these “sickos” from attacking.

Imagine walking into school everyday knowing every class may contain a weapon. Guns are causing fear in so many people, especially people involved in schools. Putting more guns in the picture prolongs everyone’s fears. Beside the fact that students could possibly access a gun at school, a teacher can easily respond violently with just as much destruction as a student shooter. Next we will see headlines showing a teacher as the new monster.

Thinking and creating new ideas to help contain this issue is a good thing. The solution lies in us as a country coming together, not spreading more destruction.

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