Lamar County School District closed Wednesday due to Tropical Storm Gordon


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Oak Grove High School and additional school districts around the state canceled school Wednesday due to Tropical Storm Gordon’s potential threat of heavy rain and power outages.

With the predictions that Gordon would become a category one hurricane, after-school activities were canceled on Tuesday as well as school on Wednesday. Tropical Storm Gordon never reached hurricane strength but still affected the Alabama-Mississippi coast line at landfall. The storm shifted east slightly, bypassing Hattiesburg. 

“I slept good during Gordon and did not worry a bit. The only thing I saw was a little rain,” said Oak Grove High School senior, Michael Clark. Another Oak Grove High School senior, Alden Parsons said, “I asked my parents if I could spend the day at the pool! It definitley was not the bad weather we all expected.”

School resumed as usual Thursday. Because of Labor Day, students of Oak Grove High School now have a three-day week.  Administrators reported the bad weather day will cause Lamar County School District schools to lose the Wednesday of Fall Break to make up for the day missed due to Tropical Storm Gordon.