A letter to my high school self

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Oak Grove alumna Vaeda Mann has found much success with her modeling career. Most recently, she was cast as a briefcase model in the revival of NBC’s Deal or No Deal, which is set to premier December 5.

When I reached out to Vaeda for an interview for our print edition, she was excited to share her experiences and stories with me. She told me she had recently written a letter to her high school self and was open to the idea of sharing it with other high school students:


A Letter To My High School Self:

You are going to go through some senseless drama.

You are going to have your heart broken.

You are not going to be invited to everything, and that will make you sad.

But, it is all for the greater good.

Everything really and truly happens for a reason.

You are going to grow; and you are going to change; and you are going to witness some truly amazing things, so hang in there.

You just have to be open to it all.

Some people might make you doubt your big and crazy dreams, but do not worry it’s only out of the fear that they have inside themselves.

Be smart in your decisions, but do not be afraid.

Listen to your heart and always act out of love.


Vaeda Mann