Marvel’s Daredevil: Third season review


Marvel’s Daredevil released its third season on Netflix, and it did not disappoint. In New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, Matt Murdock fights for justice as a blind lawyer in the day and as Daredevil at night. This season arguably stood out amongst the other two seasons as well as other superhero TV shows.

Most characters had a new layer of depth which added even more to the show. Even though many storylines and characters were incorporated, it wasn’t too overwhelming for the audience to follow. The main storyline had ventured off but eventually, everything wrapped up in the last few episodes.

Daredevil has always been known for its breathtaking action sequences. Executive producer Erik Oleson took it up a notch and encompassed a 15 minute prison riots fight scene in a single take.

Unlike other superhero TV shows, Daredevil sets the villains as the forerunners of the show. Kingpin felt more prominent than the actual main character. If a hero is only as strong as their greatest villain, then Kingpin makes Daredevil an even better character. Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance as Kingpin was absolutely chilling as the criminal mastermind.

Another antagonist was a newly introduced character Bullseye. Wilson Bethel’s performance hit the mark as precisely as his character’s aim.

Although this season was phenomenal, Charlie Cox’s portrayal of Matt Murdock didn’t live up to expectations. His internal struggle lasted the entire season up until the finale, and it was exhausting and derivative. He felt secondary and irrelevant , despite being the main character.

The cinematography captured the mysterious, dark tone of the plot. It was aesthetically pleasing within every shot.

Overall, this season aimed higher than other Marvel TV shows. Netflix has already canceled two Marvel shows, but the future of Daredevil is not yet known. Hopefully, a fourth season is renewed.