Warrior swim team advances to state meet


Photo Courtesy of Year Book- Kailey Skinner

Kailey Skinner competes at south state

Water rushing past their heads, hearts pounding in their chests. Even if they don’t win, the swim team members still competed hard this season, making it to the state meet.

“Every individual victory helps score points for the team as a whole. Every point counts towards how we’re rewarded,” swim team member Kailey Skinner said. “My competition at state will be pretty tough at state. All the best swimmers come together to compete, and I’d have to work really hard to win.”

Eight students on the OGHS swim team advance to the state meet on Friday, October 26. The state meet will determine who holds the state title for individual events.

In the south state meet, Skinner, Kaylee Evans, Ora Williams, and Jacqui Fortenberry all placed within the top 8 in both girl’s relay events and advanced to the state meet.

Also in the south state meet, Alex Miller, Oakley Camille, Jonothan Pack, and Kenneth Keith placed second and third in the boy’s relay events and will advance as well.

“We all work very hard,” Skinner said. “It’s an honor just to be able to go to state.”

Even though the OGHS swimmers are outnumbered by the bigger schools, they will compete to try and take as many state titles as possible.

“The victories show that our school has a great variety of sports,” Skinner said. “Everyone can really show their talents.”