OGHS beta club volunteers at Parents as Teachers

Photo Courtesy of Lyric Church
Parents as Teachers Read and Roll at Planet Gymnastics

Members of the Oak Grove High School Beta Club volunteered at the Parents as Teachers Read and Roll on Tuesday, November 6.

The event took place at Planet Gymnastics with volunteers guiding  younger children through different stations that captivated their senses and creativity.

“It made me very happy because they were all so adorable,” junior Beta member Tung Pierce said. “Seeing them run around and scream brought back many fond memories.”

Students worked stations that included serving pizza, helping children with carnival games, taking photos, arts and crafts, reading stories, and helping those who were stuck in the foam pit.

“It was funny because the kids would jump in and get stuck and scream out for help. I would have to run around the pit and pull them out,” Pierce said. “A lot of the times I ended up getting stuck too.”

Parents as Teachers is an organization that brings parents  closer to their children. They hold many events and volunteers are always welcomed.

“I would do it again,” Pierce said. “I want to hang around little children and be a part of my community.”