Oak Grove High School Beauty Review

Photo Courtesy of Natalie Pittman
Sophomore Mary Adams, left, and Senior Hermine Granberry, right, crowned Most Beautiful at the annual beauty revue.

Oak Grove High School’s Golden Spirit Dance Team hosted the annual school wide beauty review.

A total of 17 girls from various grades participated in the Beauty Review, along with a number of beaus.

Senior, Ben Johnson took home the title of “Most Handsome” and the photogenic award.

Freshmen Maddie Grace Lightsey and Emily Williams were awarded the title of “Beauties” of the freshman and sophomore category and senior Blythe Buys and junior Kailey Seymour were awarded the title of “Beauties” of the junior and senior category.

Sophomore Mary Adams and senior Hermine Granberry were aware the title “Most Beautiful” in the two categories.

“I was so honored to win ‘Most Beautiful,'” said Granberry. “I loved being up there with such awesome girls and winning just topped that off. It was really special for that to be a part of my senior year.”

The event had a great turnout and was a successful fundraising opportunity for the Golden Spirit Dance Team. The money raised will go towards their trip to UDA nationals this February.