Terry Ingram joins Lamar County Board of Education

Terry Ingram is worn in as one of the newest members of the Lamar County Board of Education.

Photo Courtesy of Hub City Spokes

Terry Ingram is worn in as one of the newest members of the Lamar County Board of Education.

Terry Ingram recently won the local election, securing a seat on the Lamar County Board of Education.

“My duties include several things,” Ingram said. “First, I take seriously that I represent the people who live in District D of Lamar County and I want to be their voice on the board. I also attend the monthly board meetings along with any other ‘called’ meetings that occur.  Working collaboratively with the other board members and the superintendent is an important part of what makes Lamar County School District one of the best in the state each year. I want to be a part of a team that considers what is best for all stakeholders in the district when making decisions. Ultimately, I believe making decisions that are in the best interest of the students is my number one goal while serving on the board.”

Many great opportunities and experiences come with serving on the school board.

“Since I have spent my entire adult life working in education, I am thrilled to get to still be a part of the Lamar County School District.  I would also like to think that in some way, the decisions the board makes help lead to the success the district enjoys. For example, Oak Grove High School being ranked as the third best high school in the state and the number one performing 6A school makes me very proud.  Also, all the success of the schools in Oak Grove is exciting to me! It is also great to be part of a school board that takes what we do seriously. We work well together and with Mrs. Smith also.”

Serving the public in an elected position does come with challenges at times.

“Some of my least favorite things include not being able to do things people ask the board to do that is outside the policy of the district.  It is sometimes tough to have to deal with things that come before the board and explain that we have to follow the policies of the district to individuals.”

When asked about his plans for our school district, Ingram debunked a common misconception.

“Most people don’t understand regarding school board members.  As an individual, I do not carry any decision making authority or power.  It takes a quorum or three board members to make a decision. I certainly want to consider how every decision we make impacts the students and schools I represent in District D.  District D not only includes the Oak Grove schools, but also some students who attend Purvis schools. Having said that, I believe all the board members look at the district as a whole and work collaboratively to make decisions that will positively impact all Lamar County students and schools.”

There are many challenges when it comes to education in America.

“I believe our schools are a reflection of the community and district where we live.  I also think that many of the problems we face in our schools stem from society in general.  The availability of technology has been one of the best and worst things that has happened in the last 15-20 years.  We need to constantly strive to find ways to use it in positive ways, both at school and at home. We all face so many things that are relevant and impact us in drastic ways.  We must continue to work to support our students and families, not just with educational support but also emotionally and psychologically. Also, the many demands placed on our local school district by the state and federal levels are almost overwhelming.  So many of the things we deal with are not things that are decisions made by Lamar County, but by levels above us.”