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Us does not deliver as promised

March 26, 2019

As Get Out’s sister movie, Jordan Peele’s Us was far from anything expected from the trailer and did not follow through with the same hype.

Unfortunately, Us was dramatically overhyped and fell short in success when compared to Peele’s previous movie, Get Out. Peele has shown his story style to be completely unpredictable and that was the only thing in Us.

Because of the vagueness of the movie trailer, the audience is left with their own imagination to guess what Peele will do with the plot as well as the meaning behind it is. The trailer makes the audience believe that the movie will be mostly based around horror and fear, except this is not the case.

Psychological thriller, intense, and suspenseful are better descriptions for Us than ‘horror film’. However, the movie does have its creepiness through its entirety. Peele also filled the movie with humor. Many times the whole theatre laughed at subtle jokes or awkward creepy moments.

The main focus is around the mother Adelaide and her family. They are in constant battle with the ‘imposters’ of their family. Through the movie, there are certain parts where the acting seems unrealistic and awkward. The movie also continually makes use of flashbacks, during which it is not clear whose flashbacks they are until later. The audience is also left wondering the message of the movie is and where the plot is heading until the very end. Also, there are a few dragging points of the movie where the audience is left confused.

The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal and one of the most positive aspects of the film. The music was carefully placed within scenes to deliver the perfect amount of suspense that leaves the audience of the edge of their seat. Us feels similar to Black Mirror or Twilight Zone, because the the overall message of Us provokes deep thinking and self reflection.

I would recommend watching Us for its message and because of Jordan Peele’s promising future as a director, but not for the want of being scared or the hopes of horror.

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