Senior parties: Deserved celebrations of accomplishment

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Seniors celebrate with a throw-back Pow-Wow day themed party.

Senior parties have been a tradition among Oak Grove High School students for years. Almost every weekend in the spring semester holds a new celebration for a different senior.

Senior parties are hosted by family members or friends to honor and celebrate the graduate. Crawfish boils, pj parties, and pow wow days are among a few of the unique themes from past senior parties.

As an outgoing and energetic person, I believe senior parties are good. The last year of high school is bittersweet and the chance to celebrate different seniors for multiple weekends of the spring semester is an opportunity one should take to their advantage. Senior parties are a great way to cherish the final moments we get to spend with one another as seniors.

“Senior parties are a great event,” senior Sam Manning said.  “Everyone can come together and enjoy one another’s company for the final few moments of senior year.”

Not all seniors share the opinion that senior parties are a good thing. Many see them as excessive, redundant, and a waste of time.

“Senior parties are only a southern tradition,” senior Mackenzie Daniels said. “The crazy schedule of senior year does not allow for time to attend a ton of senior parties in the spring semester.”   

Among the responses, concerns about people in the senior class being left out, a lack of time in the spring, and the cost of throwing the parties were just a few points made by seniors.

Despite whether one believes senior parties are a waste of time or an important way to make memories senior year, I believe any time spent with peers during senior year should be cherished. One day, we will all look back at our high school years and we do not want to regret not spending quality time with our friends doing things we love.

“People need to be lifted up for their achievements and a senior party is a great way to exercise that,” English teacher Chris Vineyard said.

Senior party or no senior party, all seniors should be celebrated for their great achievements and hurdles they have overcome on their journey through high school.