Oak Grove student body enrolled in Dr. Adolph Brown’s class

Dr. Adolph Brown addressed the entire Oak Grove High School student body on Thursday, March 21 at Temple Baptist Church. Students and teachers attended the assembly, almost completely filling the church’s 3,000 capacity sanctuary.

Dr. Brown began his assembly by first highlighting the judgemental states-of-mind of each person in the room. His entrance set the stage for this eye-opening exercise.

Following an introduction from Mr. Wayne Folkes, a well-dressed man took the stage and began engaging the crowd by dancing. What appeared to be a student, who was extremely out of dress code, came down from the balcony and joined the man on stage. This ‘student’ grabbed the microphone and introduced himself as Dr. Adolph Brown.

“I had no idea it was him,” principal Helen Price said. “I thought I was going to have to go grab that student from disrupting the assembly”.

As a professor at Hampton University, Brown made it clear to the audience that he was not a speaker, rather a teacher. He shared stories from his childhood, which was filled with hardships, and how he was raised to become successful.

Brown is not only a professor, but he is also the Dean of Hampton University, a business owner, a father of eight, and the “U.S. Secretary of Inspiration”.

“I don’t travel millions of miles two or three times a week to check boxes,” Brown said. “I don’t deal in that. I deal in life of death.”

His presentation was focused on an inspiration to strive for excellence, without perceiving perfection as a goal.

Brown held the spotlight wherever he went on the stage and truly kept the attention of the entire school. He introduced his godson, Jahzeel Mumford, a professional actor and singer who was born to a crack-addicted mother.

The assembly for Oak Grove was the first of four presentations Brown would give that day. He visited the other high schools in the district throughout the day, then concluded the day with a community-wide assembly at Temple.