Stars shine bright at Oak Grove High


Photo Courtesy of Helen Price

All Star Student Carly Kendrick and her Star Teacher Samantha Padgett.

Last Thursday, four Oak Grove High School students received the prestigious Mississippi Star Student Award at a ceremony in Jackson. A “Star” student is a student who attains one of the highest ACT test scores at their school. While the cutoff for “Star” status varies from high school to high school, OGHS requires students to score at least a 35-composite on the test to be considered.

As impressive as being a “Star” student is, one Oak Grove senior, Carly Kendrick, received an even higher honor: “All-Star Student” status. “All-Star” students are the state’s most elite, having the highest scores in terms of both ACT and grade point average. Out of the over 300 “Star” students in the state, only 20 are named “All-Stars”. Kendrick, who is ranked top in her graduating class, has both a 36-composite and a 4.0 GPA.

Describing her reaction being selected for the high honor, Kendrick said, “I was very surprised! I knew there was a chance I could get it with my 36, but I definitely wasn’t sure.” Kendrick added, “Because I don’t have a 36 sub-score in math.”

Every “Star” student gets the opportunity to select a “Star” teacher, or a teacher the student feels has particularly helped them on their academic journey. Kendrick, who is extremely thankful towards all the people that helped her reach her academic goals, had trouble selecting just one teacher to be her “Star” teacher. “It was hard to pick just one ‘Star’ teacher, because I’ve had so many great teachers at Oak Grove,” said Kendrick, “But I’d definitely like to thank my ‘Star’ teacher Ms. Padgett!” Speaking about why she chose Padgett to be her star teacher, Kendrick said, “She is an awesome teacher that has helped me become a better student and  person from freshman year to now.”

Looking back on all her success. Kendrick was happy to give advice to underclassmen on how to achieve this type of academic merit. “The main thing to do is obviously work on your ACT score, I know taking practice tests in Humanities definitely helped me a lot,” said Kendrick, who closed with, “Just do your best!”

After graduating next month, Kendrick will attend the University of Southern Mississippi on a full-ride scholarship. Kendrick currently plans to major in microbiology, and later attend medical school. Kendrick also plans on being a cheerleader for the Golden Eagles beginning next fall.