Find your groove: Not your typical music lesson

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Groove House, run by Justin and Amie Nunez, is a unique, local music school consisting of around 275 students. The business unofficially started five years ago when Justin and Amie started teaching out of their home. They eventually opened their own venue, which is now located near Mugshot’s, naming their business Groove House.

Groove House offers lessons in any aspect of music imaginable – from voice to banjo. There are no restrictions on how young or old you have to be to take lessons. The current ages ranges from 4-75. There are 11 talented teachers on staff who specialize in different forms of music. Groove House’s talented staff modernizes the way music is taught.

The goal of Groove House is to personalize your musical journey. “With Groove House, we have created an environment where anyone can have fun playing the music that they love,” said Justin. Amie says they approach teaching music by  “letting students choose songs they are excited about, and then finding the theory behind the song.”

Justin and Amie ensure that Groove House prepares their students for the music industry, if that’s what they choose to do with your talents. Students are exposed to performing live in venues such as the Saenger Theatre and T-Bones, or if a student chooses, they can simply take lessons as a hobby or pastime.

One of our very own teachers Michael Simmons enjoys taking banjo lessons at Groove House. Simmons started taking lessons a year ago and said “I wish there had been a Groove House when I was growing up. I would be able to play an instrument now. Heck, maybe I’d even be on tour.”

If learning something in the music world has always been a dream, Groove House is the perfect place to start. The welcoming environment and personalized style of lessons are something that can’t beat.

The staff can be contacted at [email protected] or 601-336-6469. They can also be found on Instagram – @groovehousemusic and on Facebook.